Do you know that you spend one third of your day sleeping in bed? Whether you spend this time being comfortable on one of the pillow top mattresses or by tossing and turning entire night, depends a lot on your mattress. Spend some time and go through different types of mattresses that a good shop has to offer. Ideally, a mattress that is capable of reducing the pressure points on your body has the capacity to offer a better night’s sleep. However, the comfort level is different for different people, so analysing things on personal level is significant.

Which mattress is right for you?

Finding the right mattress does not mean that deciding on the one offered by a very popular company or the most expensive one. Selecting a mattress is very personal. Even though there is no scientific explanation or reasons or solutions, some people prefer firm mattress while some like to go for the pillow top mattresses. In fact people with back pain or spine problem find comfort in pillow top mattress and they get the right balance of support and cushioning.

If allergy is a problem for you, instead of going for an allergy free mattress, which is practically not possible, go for a washable mattress encasing so that you clean it up regularly.

Test mattress factory Melbourne before buying

Just like you won’t buy a car without driving, you should not invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in buying a mattress without testing it. Many of you might feel embarrassed to go into the store and lie down for 20 minutes on a mattress to know if it is right for you, but it is important. While testing, make sure it is comfortable in all positions and does not put any kind of pressure on your body.

Time for a new mattress

Finding the right time to change your mattress is important. So, if you find yourself not having a good night’s sleep often or you spend most of the night feeling uncomfortable sleeping, it is time to visit mattress factory Melbourne and get a new one. Always keep in mind that ever mattress has a specific lifespan.

If you keep your mattress for long, the materials get worn out inside the mattress which compromises its capability to support your body. A good quality mattress has a lifespan of 10 years and if it is over, you need to go shopping for mattress now.

Select from the different styles and forms

At the end of the day, everyone simply wants to lie down and have proper rest for mind and body. A full night of wonderful, rejuvenating and restful sleep on one of the pillow top mattresses cannot just make you ready for the other day, but also bring a smile on your face and help you get up like a spring in your step. Discovering the science of sleep would help you relax and feel healthier. Select from the wide range of products available at the mattress factory and decide on the best one that fits in your needs and stands up to your expectations.

With plenty of pillow top mattresses, you will be able to select the right one to ensure you are comfortable and that you can get that quality of sleep you were looking forward to. Today, you can have quality mattresses that also feature latest in sleep technology like comprising of memory foam, spring coils and heat management fabric. Moreover, pillow top mattresses are preferred by many these days as it offers an extra layer of padding on the top of the mattress for additional comfort and coziness.