Mattresses do not come at low price. With varieties of designs, styles and comfort levels, they are ranged usually high in price. If you are living in Melbourne looking for best quality, but do not want to pay the high price, look for factory direct mattresses accessible in Melbourne. If you are in need of a new mattress, finding one on sale will be hard and might take some time. In normal cases you would prefer waiting so that you can save money and do not spend it on pricey mattress.

A good night’s sleep is what anyone looks forward too especially after a long day’s working schedule. And if you have to get in your bed and toss and turn the whole night, you are going to feel the tiredness and fatigue the entire next day. No matter what you do, a good and sound sleep is very essential for everyone. If you are tight on budget, the best thing you can do is look for factory direct mattresses on sale in Melbourne and analyze as well as compare them so that you can buy the best fitting one for you.

Benefits of buying factory direct mattresses

Superior quality

When you buy factory direct products you can stay assured of the highest quality. The mattress will give you superior comfort and optimal support by offering a complete sleeping system. The right combination of mattress and the bed makes a great difference on the support and comfort you get for a good night’s sleep. Since you spend one third of your life sleeping, it is important you choose a sleeping system that is right for you.

No risk, satisfaction guaranteed

When you buy factory direct mattresses from Melbourne you can stay assured that you are getting the authentic product. Since there are no retailers and middlemen, chances of increase in price or risk factor is negligible. The life of a good quality mattress is 10 years and investing in such mattress is a good investment. This is the reason why it is very important you select the best one to fulfill and satisfy your need.

Return policy

One of the most comforting aspect of buying factory direct mattresses from Melbourne is that they offer a trial period during which if you are not satisfied with the product they will change it for you and leave you only when you are fully satisfied.


Buying the mattress directly from the factory means that it has not been handled by different people and kept at different places. Even though retailers take care, but risk of dirt, dust and grime cannot be overlooked. Nowadays you can even get anti-allergic mattresses which are dust, mite and mold resistant.

Good deal and great value

Since factory direct mattresses are sold directly to the customers in Melbourne, they are offered at best price. The extra cost put on by retailers and middlemen is avoided here and this helps save a lot of money of the customer. Not only this, you do not have to pay any extra license fees or royalties. This helps you get great value for your money. Buying from mattress sale offered by retailers in Preston can also help save money.

Expert advice

When you buy a product directly from a factory, you get advice from experts who actually are involved in the making of the product. They know every detail of the factory direct mattresses and will give you the right advice in Melbourne. In addition to all, you get strong and prompt customer support.

When buying directly from the factory you get high quality mattresses at lowest possible price. The mattresses are made daily and when they are shipped to your address, they are fresh and without sitting in the warehouse or staying in trucks for weeks or months which often cause damages.

However, if saving money is your main concern when buying mattress, look out for mattress sale offered by retailers in Preston. Almost every mattress retailor offers seasonal or occasional sale at regular intervals or at least yearly. There are many reasons behind offering the sale and so when buying one from such sales, you should be careful and cautious.