If you find yourself tossing and turning every night, suffering from stiff neck or back aches, the problem isn’t you. It is your pillow. Denton pillows is available in Melbourne and for decades it has helped countless Australians leave their standard pillows behind. Since everyone has unique needs, there is an innovative line of pillows to help people introduce their selves to a truly unique sleeping experience. Denton has been able to give good night’s sleep to all using it across the country.

Although Denton pillows have been the secret of Australia since near future, it is not anymore. Now you can get rid of all symptoms of bad night’s sleep. Along with not having proper rest, a bad night’s sleep gives you pain all over the body when you wake up. Denton pillows help you get up fresh and relaxed in the morning and are available in different types in Melbourne.

Features of Denton pillows


The pillows are considered as the ultimate choice for dreams, luxury, support and comfort. It is designed to nurture you so that you have ideal posture and proper spine alignment while you are sleeping. It offers the quality that lasts for long.

Different types

Denton makes a lasting impression offering perfect balance and support for your entire body when you sleep. The pillows are designed with slow release memory foam molds that get into exact shape of your head and neck so that you move freely and sleep soundly as well. Different types of Denton pillows are available in Melbourne to fit in different needs of people.

Classic pillows are designed for those who move freely and prefer medium pillow. You will get the perfect support as per your preferences.

1) Infinity pillows or low profile pillows are designed for side and back sleepers. These are medium pillows offering countered support keeping the spine correctly aligned and supported.

2) Low line pillows are for sleepers who prefer low pillows to get the right support and move freely.

3) Pregnancy pillows are designed for pregnant women as it is recommended for them to sleep on their sides. This type of Denton pillows available in Melbourne are especially helpful for pregnant women during third trimester. This helps them rest properly and they are not just relaxing and comforting, but also help back muscles to relax hence reducing back pain as well.

4) Pillows designed for kids help them sleep soundly and make them feel like they are sleeping on clouds.


The specialty of Denton pillows is that it is the finest and dreamiest natural latex pillows offered in Australia. To your surprise, Denton pillows will help you feel cool during summer and warm in winter in Melbourne. It will give you lasting support regardless of the fact in what position you sleep in. The best thing is that you can say good bye to allergic symptoms as long as you sleep on any of these pillows. It has anti-microbial, dust, mite and mildew resistant properties.


The therapeutic range of pillows are designed specifically for offering your body good while you rest. Now you do not have to worry about your posture concerns and relax with luscious head, neck and spinal support. The Denton pillows which are available in Melbourne are recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors.


There is a pillow designed for everyone here offering you ideal posture and spinal alignment. You can select from different types and get countered neck heights and coverage in one plush pillow.

Buy factory direct mattresses to save money and get quality sleep in Melbourne. There are traditional pillows designed to last 4 times longer than other pillows and plume which are light and soft pillows. No matter what pillow you select, you can stay assured of getting the right comfort and relaxation you need and deserve.

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